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October 13th - October 16th

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October 13 - October 16

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Welcome to the Montgomery Bar Association Online Fundraiser!

The Montgomery County, MD Bar Foundation serves through charitable programs. We are pleased that The Annual Golf, Tennis Charity Classic & Silent Auction consistently raises the funds to help support these programs. However, every year brings greater needs and we must raise new funds for continued support of the following programs:             

1. Our Law School for the Public has televised over 150 programs in a wide variety of legal areas and has an additional 16 planned for the community this year.             

2. The Pro Bono Program is a 40 year old program designed to deliver legal services to the disadvantaged. We help over 4000 low income people a year with their legal problems.            

3. The School Mock Trials are held in over 20 high schools every year to give students an opportunity to learn the mechanics and techniques of a trial.

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Enjoy Our Fundraiser!

It is certain to be a lot of fun. And your participation will help get us one step closer to our goal.

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